1. It is mandatory for everyone to fill the Registration Form provided in order to get registered.
  2. On receiving the data and payment, user’s data will be uploaded on our website. The user would be given a Registration ID along with the username and password.
  3. To become a Premium Member, the user has to fill the Registration Form and attach 3 photographs (With different pose) on marathavadhuwar@gmail.com
  4. New member will be given a Registration ID. The Free Members can view the details of the existing free / premium members excluding the contact details. The Premium Members can view the details of the existing free / premium members and they can obtain contact details through SMS / email.
  5. Annual membership fee is INR 1500/- which can be deposited in the bank account (through net banking / cash deposit) or can make a direct cash payment.
  6. If your registration gets expired after the period of 1 year, re-registration is required. Re-registration amount is INR (Indian Rupees) 1300 /- .
  7. The information of the registered member will be included in the next month's Monthly Magazine published by the organisation. Members can apply for re-inclusion of their information in further edition by making a payment of INR (Indian Rupees) 200/- .
  8. The organisation provides personal assistance in various possible ways. It is the responsibility of the member to keep a regular follow-up and stay updated.
  9. The organisation does not keep a track on the member information. It would not be responsible for any incorrect information provided by the member. The members must verify the same when they are being approached.
  10. The members can get the information of the suitable proposals by telephone / post / email / sms or by personally visiting the head office.
  11. The members must inform the organisation on getting engaged / married.
  12. No additional amount is required to be paid for making any change in the information provided. However, an amount of INR (Indian Rupees) 100/- should be paid for making a change in the uploaded photo.
  13. The membership amount covers a period of 1 year from the day it is paid. Cancellation and Refund of membership amount in any case is not possible.
  14. The membership amount includes the cost of postage of Monthly magazine, Website and electronic support charges. No additional amount is to be paid for Monthly magazine, Website inclusion and other facilities provided by the organisation for the members.
  15. No quarterly / half-yearly/ trial membership is issued by the organisation.
  16. After registering online, data of the new member will be categorized as a Free Member.
  17. User can make online payment through our official website
  18. Online payments are charged extra Rs. 50 /-(Internet handling Fees).